Navigate your cargo
through a standard import
procedure with ease

This procedure most often applies to companies within country of clearance and private residents within the EU. After payment of import duties, you can freely dispose over imported goods or vehicles.

Commodities imported from a non-EU country must undergo a customs procedure at a defined time. Releasing goods for free circulation is a key procedure throughout the entire course of action. Final clearance is of particular importance especially when the goods are to remain permanently in the customs territory of the EU, thus entering the economic cycle. It can be expected that this process requires the settlement of import duties and sales tax.

The client lives in the EU and has the necessary documents, i.e.:

  1. Bill of Lading
  2. Invoice showing the purchase contract and purchase provisions (Incoterms) and, if applicable, invoice for transport costs
  3. Power of Attorney 
  4. Other supporting documents: e.g. packing list or title for cars

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Container Yard

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Vehicle Services

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