Our Competence

Trust in our services in the area of customs clearance and port logistics.

We put you at the center of our actions!

We perform customs clearance of vehicles from the USA, Canada, Japan, United Arab Emirates and South Korea
Full transparency on every step of the procedure
More than 9000 cars & goods processed in 2018

Continuous development in the industry – how we work?

In the last couple of years, we constantly increased our settlement volume in the Vehicle logistics.

At the same time, we have improved our internal processes for our customers and expanded our  processing team.

The vehicles we import are mainly accident damaged vehicles, which are imported by the German port Bremerhaven and repaired in Eastern Europe. A significant part of vehicles come to Europe in containers. The efficient and professional unloading of containers is carried out in cooperation with our own employees as well as familiar and experienced warehouse operators. Since each shipment is different, it requires individual treatment. That is why, together with our storage partners, we ensure a tailored performance as well as storage space for unloading and storage.

Clearance – necessary documents

To ensure efficient and seamless clearance, the following documents are necessary:

  • The receipt for the purchased goods or the purchase – sale agreement
  • Vehicle registration document: Certificate of Origin/Salvage
  • Loading document: Bill of Loading or Dock Receipt
  • Authorization

You can download all necessary documents by going to the tab: “Documents to download”.

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