Comprehensive support for professionals

Within our services, we guarantee safe import by sea of various types of vehicles. Our main tasks include regulation within the scope of: clearance, customs clearance, storage and necessary documentation of transported vehicles. All customers can count on our professional support. We are always looking for the best solutions individually adjusted to the unique expectations of customers. In emergency situations, we act immediately, looking for the most beneficial ways to solve the problem. For each order we provide personal support of the client’s supervisor on the spot, as well as constant telephone or e-mail contact. You can trust us.

The scope of our key competences.
What we do?

  • monitoring the vessel with our containers,
  • contact with shipping lines regarding: fees, exemption, necessary formalities for containers to leave the ship,
  • contact with warehouses and companies transporting containers to the yard and their unloading,
  • collecting documentation confirming the purchase of a vehicle by the customer,
  • registration of the vehicle/goods to the Customs Office,
  • handing the vehicle to the customer along with customs clearance (with the help of intermediaries – transport companies or personally for the client),
  • on customer’s request – organization of transport.
Basic services
Final clearance + FTA

Customs clearance of a vehicle purchased by a private person, based on the Invoice /Purchase – sale agreement / Fair Trade Agreement. Customs duty and VAT are paid in Germany.

Fiscal clearance

Customs clearance of the vehicle purchased for the company. The duty paid in Germany, VAT to be paid in the country of the company’s registered office.

Customs clearance of oldtimer

Customs clearance of vehicles recognized as classic.