Other possibilities - additional services
Opinion of an independent expert

At customs clearance , it sometimes happens that you need a document that confirms the value of the vehicle. Such opinion is issued by an independent expert. To provide our clients with a comprehensive service and to save unnecessary stress, we offer assistance in this area. We cooperate with recognized experts who are able to quickly and without further formalities to estimate the value of the imported vehicle.


Thanks to cooperation with our partners, we can help you obtain a certificate that states the correctness of technical condition and structural compliance with EU legal standards.

Permanent vehicle registration

People living in Germany may seek our assistance in registering the vehicle and obtaining the “TÜV” badge. The technical inspection badge “TÜV” is required in Germany to authorise a vehicle to be used in road traffic. It also provides information about the technical condition of the vehicle. In many cases it is necessary to rebuild the vehicle and adapt it to European conditions. Together with our partners, we are able to prepare the vehicle technically and adapt it to the requirements of German roads.